Alphas: When someone says "I will be your father figure," RUN AWAY

Last night's Alphas started to pull into focus the conflict between Rosen and Stanton Parish over Danielle — they both want to be her dad, and neither of them really has her best interests at heart. It's a fascinating take on the Professor X/Magneto thing the two men have going on, and I'm actually quite sad the… »9/25/12 5:25pm9/25/12 5:25pm

Syfy's new development slate brings back space opera with Deep Space Nine's Robert Hewitt Wolfe!

With Stargate gone and Battlestar Galactica long dead, there's been a dreadful absence of space opera on our screens lately. Thank goodness Syfy is stepping into the gap, launching a whole new spacefaring series. Even better news? The series is being crafted by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Andromeda producer Robert… »11/09/11 2:19pm11/09/11 2:19pm