Trek DVD Extra: Kirk Apologizes To A Green Woman?

The upcoming Star Trek DVD/Blu-Ray throws in tons of deleted scenes, including Spock's parents, Kirk's uncle, Klingon prison-breaks... and Kirk apologizing to a green woman? Special features explain everything — except the writers' theory of time travel. » 10/13/09 9:30am 10/13/09 9:30am

The Romance That Will Change Star Trek Forever

J.J. Abrams' Star Trek takes your familiar crewmembers places they've never been before - including one love story that will forever alter the crew's dynamic. We asked writers Orci and Kurtzman about it. Beware spoilers! » 4/28/09 3:10pm 4/28/09 3:10pm

Everything In Star Trek Is Canon Fodder

Is the new Star Trek movie part of the original series canon or a reboot? According to a recent interview with Robert Orci, the answer may be "both." But why does "canon" matter, anyway? » 12/15/08 2:51pm 12/15/08 2:51pm

J.J. Abrams Says Trek Will Avoid Greenscreen Fakeness

J.J. Abrams and his Star Trek team answered canned questions in a "live" online chat today. They had to stop taking questions once they'd received over 600 queries, including hard-hitting investigative questions like "Do you like Phasers?" But they also let slip a few cool tidbits about the movie. » 1/25/08 4:37pm 1/25/08 4:37pm