Sex, Anarchy, and Robert Pattinson's Hair Haunt David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis

There are two kinds of people who will like five-minutes-into-the-future flick Cosmopolis: People want to take revenge on Robert Pattinson's hair after the Twilight movies, and people who are David Cronenberg completists. Cronenberg's latest film is a spare, unsettling tour of a New York City on the brink of… »8/23/12 5:53pm8/23/12 5:53pm

13 clips from Cosmopolis show Robert Pattinson's post-apocalyptic haircut

We're intrigued by the seemingly simple plot of David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis: Robert Pattinson (playing a wealthy Wall Street heir) goes to get a haircut. But like all things Cronenberg, it's going to be infinitely more complicated than that. Just watch this massive collection of sing-song dialogue, and try and… »8/14/12 11:50am8/14/12 11:50am

Robert Pattinson recreates Cronenberg's Videodrome and Scanners

Giving some much-deserved respect to his Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg, actor Robert Pattinson staged a photoshoot where he recreated scenes from Videodrome and Scanners. Good to see that Pattinson is happy about shoving guns in his insides and sleeping with copies of himself, like any good Cronenberg fan. »5/10/12 5:09pm5/10/12 5:09pm

Robert Pattinson searches for sex and a haircut in the future hell of David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis trailer

The full (French) trailer for David Cronenberg's dark film Cosmopolis is out, showcasing a whole lotta sex and glimpses into the crappy "not-too-distant" future. Watch as rich boy Robert Pattinson sinks into the gritty abyss of future New York as he rides his limo in search of a haircut. »4/19/12 11:20am4/19/12 11:20am

Watch the first trailer for David Cronenberg's new urban hellhole flick Cosmopolis

Hey David Cronenberg, is that a giant rat creature in your trailer or are you just happy to see us? Because we're sure as hell glad to see the first trailer for Cosmopolis, Cronenberg's adaptation of Don DeLillo's 2003 novel. In this film, Robert Pattinson tries to get a haircut while a semi-futuristic Manhattan (and… »3/22/12 8:50am3/22/12 8:50am

Twilight Should Shed Its Vampire Drag And Embrace Its Sappy Self

Let's get this out of the way first: Twilight »11/20/08 2:20pm11/20/08 2:20pm isn't as bad as you think it is. I know, I know; you all want me to tell you that it's the worst thing ever made, two hours of extreme embarrassment that I will never be able to get back, and by the way, Robert Pattinson sucks, and not in the vampire sense. Thing is,…

Now That He Owns The Souls Of Our Tweens, Pattinson Wants To Be The Doctor

The wailing and gnashing of teeth are about to reach a climax: the Twilight »11/19/08 7:40pm11/19/08 7:40pm opening night approaches. But once Robert Pattinson is done driving tweens crazy, what will he do next? In a recent interview Pattinson admitted his real aim: to take over as the star of .When asked by the if he would be up for the part of…

CEO of Hot Topic Apologizes To Pleather-Clad Twilight Fans

Today in ridiculous Twilight news The CEO of Hot Topic, yes seller of spiky dog collars and other angsty teen wares, has emailed the masses at Twilight fandom headquarters to apologize for ruining the Hot Topic Robert Pattinson Twilight signing in Chicago. Apparently she was afraid of another San Francisco mob scene… »11/13/08 11:00am11/13/08 11:00am

Twilight Mob Of 3,000 Descends On San Francisco Mall

The doe-eyed Robert Pattinson had to cancel his Twilight »11/11/08 12:30pm11/11/08 12:30pm signing after about 3,000 screaming fans showed up outside of the Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco. The unexpected numbers turned into a tween mob outside the mall where screaming fans pushed and trampled each other to get a closer look at Pattinson's lovely…