These new legs will help Robonaut climb outside the space station

Robonaut 2 — the robot voted most likely to be NASA's first astromech droid — has just been fitted with its first pair of prototype legs. Once perfected, the appendages will provide it with the mobility needed to help with tasks both inside and outside the space station. » 12/10/13 6:40am 12/10/13 6:40am

NASA's Humanoid Robot to Receive Legs

NASA's Robonaut 2, which is currently stationed aboard the International Space Station, could be outfitted with a pair of legs as early as the start of next year. The anatomical upgrade will raise the spacefaring robot's height to an imposing 8-feet, and increase its potential for mobility considerably. Let's just hope … » 11/12/13 6:40am 11/12/13 6:40am

Watch the first human/humanoid handshake in space!

Yesterday, after almost a year onboard the International Space Station, NASA's tweet-happy automaton astronaut (dubbed Robonaut 2 by its creators) did something no robot has ever done in space: it shook a human's hand. You're looking at what could go down as one of the most iconic grip-and-grins in history — human or… » 2/16/12 9:40am 2/16/12 9:40am