Robot Chicken will boldly go into doing more Star Trek sketches

Last week, Robot Chicken co-creator Matthew Senreich caused some controversy when he told io9 that the Star Trek universe was not expansive or deep enough to support its own special. » 7/18/11 7:30am 7/18/11 7:30am

Watch Leia freaking out about her slave outfit, in a Robot Chicken Star…

Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode III was the most ambitious of Seth Green and Matt Senreich's Star Wars spoofs: a 45-minute spoof opera that narrated the rise and fall of Emperor Palpatine, plus the adventures of Boba Fett and Gary the Stormtrooper. Now Episode III comes out on DVD tomorrow, with three fricken hours of… » 7/11/11 2:20pm 7/11/11 2:20pm

Emperor Palpatine's back and still kind of a dick in new Robot Chicken…

This Sunday Robot Chicken will air their third Star Wars special. You can see the first little sketch here, starring Seth MacFarlane as Emperor Palpatine. Could anything be funnier than Bob Goldstein, Jedi Injury Lawyer? You be the judge. » 12/14/10 4:30pm 12/14/10 4:30pm

Robot Chicken Star Wars returns! Plus the Big Bang Theory crew as the…

This week's television rules! There's the long-awaited Robot Chicken Star Wars special. Henry Rollins wants to know if you have the "warrior gene." Big Bang Theory does the JLA! Plus live(ish) comedy from Ricky Gervais, Jeff Bridges...and Monty Python. » 12/13/10 9:00am 12/13/10 9:00am

First look at Robot Chicken Star Wars III will make you love Boba Fett…

The first three trailers for Robot Chicken Star Wars III are out, and it turns out that Boba Fett is a lot more flirty than we ever knew. Plus Sarlacc sleaziness, Slave-Leia hijinks and Gary, the wild and crazy stormtrooper. » 12/02/10 3:42pm 12/02/10 3:42pm

Will Seth Green's new Star Wars show feature Yoda doing stand-up comedy?

Robot Chicken's Seth Green and Matt Senreich have been tight-lipped about their new Star Wars series, but over the weekend they finally opened up and shared some details. Are you ready for Jon Stewart crossed with Spongebob Squarepants? » 9/13/10 12:36pm 9/13/10 12:36pm

Seth Green on his new Star Wars series: "We won't f—- it up."

Seth Green and Matthew Senreich are hard at work on the third Robot Chicken Star Wars special, plus a whole new Star Wars series! They told us what to expect, including a joke that overlaps with Family Guy's third special. » 8/02/10 12:33pm 8/02/10 12:33pm

Robot Chicken Star Wars: Making All Your Action Figure Dreams Come True

Kings of stop-action figure animation, Robot Chicken, are bringing us another Star Wars-themed special. And if it's half as good as the previous Emperor Darth Vader Office Call, we're all in for a good time. Who can forget when the killing of Jar Jar Binks over and over, thanks to RC. The special premieres November… » 7/23/08 2:40pm 7/23/08 2:40pm