Watch Leia freaking out about her slave outfit, in a Robot Chicken Star Wars deleted scene!

Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode III was the most ambitious of Seth Green and Matt Senreich's Star Wars spoofs: a 45-minute spoof opera that narrated the rise and fall of Emperor Palpatine, plus the adventures of Boba Fett and Gary the Stormtrooper. Now Episode III comes out on DVD tomorrow, with three fricken hours of… »7/11/11 5:20pm7/11/11 5:20pm

Robot Chicken Star Wars: Making All Your Action Figure Dreams Come True

Kings of stop-action figure animation, Robot Chicken, are bringing us another Star Wars-themed special. And if it's half as good as the previous Emperor Darth Vader Office Call, we're all in for a good time. Who can forget when the killing of Jar Jar Binks over and over, thanks to RC. The special premieres November… »7/23/08 5:40pm7/23/08 5:40pm