This Week's TV: Can a new superhero show succeed where others failed?

Television is a brutal arena for superheroes, where dozens enter and a few survive. Can the latest superhero epic beat the odds? Plus Syfy's latest movie is literally as dumb as rocks. Deadshot is back on Arrow, and Fusco's in trouble on Person of Interest. Check out clips and details for all this week's television! »4/22/13 12:00pm4/22/13 12:00pm


Watch the first episode of Robot Combat League in all its rock 'em, sock 'em glory

SyFy just put the first full episode of its Real Steel-esque, robot-fighting/reality/game show online for your viewing pleasure before it premieres on February 26th, and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. The robot fighting rigs are much more elaborate than I had supposed, the contestants are interesting, and… »2/20/13 9:20am2/20/13 9:20am

Syfy launches a giant boxing robot show that wants to be a real-life Real Steel

Did you like Real Steel? That movie about Wolverine and a little boy teaching a large boxing robot how to, er... box? The TV executives at Syfy must have, because they just greenlit Robot Combat League, a show about 8-foot-tall robots who get in a boxing ring and, er... well... they still box, actually. It will be… »11/20/12 6:30pm11/20/12 6:30pm