Retro Propaganda Posters from the Robot Uprising

Animator and illustrator Tom Kyzivat reaches all the way back to Metropolis to create the classic feel for his series of Murderous Automaton posters. The massive mechanical rebels on his propaganda posters are menacing, but their quest to usher in the Atomic Age would be inspiring if they weren't trying to exterminate… » 3/03/13 7:00am 3/03/13 7:00am

Robot behavior reveals the fundamental structure of deception

We've invented robots who can obey you. And now we have ones who can just pretend to obey you. Over at Georgia Tech's Mobile Robot Lab, researchers have spent over a decade studying potential military uses for robots. And what could be better for stealthy ops than a robot who is programmed to lie? » 12/05/12 10:19am 12/05/12 10:19am