A sobering reminder of the risks inherent to space exploration

Via YouTuber Fabio Baccaglioni comes a solemn compilation of rocket launch failures, from the early days of space exploration to present. That it's just shy of 32 minutes long is a testament to something that can't be overemphasized: getting to space is hard. It's grueling, it's dangerous, and, as we all know too… »3/15/14 5:00pm3/15/14 5:00pm

Watch This Commie Retro-Futuristic Space Tale

It is always interesting to see how people imagined the future in certain ages, even so we have the separate trend 'retro futurism' for our viewing pleasure. A few weeks ago I purchased an amazing Hungarian dia film set (of two parts), which was created back in 1960, just one year before Gagarin's flight and one year… »3/29/13 2:39pm3/29/13 2:39pm

Behold The Future Of Space Exploration — An Asian Space Race

We're finally getting a new space race — between China and India, which just launched its new Moon probe, Chandrayaan-1, today. China already launched its Chang'e orbiter last year, and "today we are trying to catch them, catch that gap, bridge the gap," the director of India's space agency told Reuters. But that… »10/21/08 6:40pm10/21/08 6:40pm

The Moon Rocket Project NASA Doesn't Want You to Know About

A group of secretive rocket designers have defected from NASA's rocket-building team to spearhead their own forbidden project. They spend their evenings designing Jupiter (pictured), a moon rocket they think will work far better for less money then NASA's current moon rocket, Ares, set to bring some people to the… »7/14/08 6:28pm7/14/08 6:28pm