This Rocket Raccoon is 3 Feet tall, made of Foam and yours for $350

First came the action figures. Then the plushies, and the T-Shirts, and all the other paraphernalia - but this might just laud over them all as a testament to absolutely absurd Rocket Raccoon merchandise. Well, actually it is going to laud over them all, it's three feet tall. » 11/10/14 3:05am 11/10/14 3:05am

Rocket Raccoon in stunning detail looks absolutely amazing

The CG work on Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy is hands-down some of the best of 2014 - but now you can get up close and personal with the abrasive bounty hunter thanks to these incredible images by digital Artist Daren Horley. » 10/02/14 3:05pm 10/02/14 3:05pm

Rocket And Groot Replace Other Marvel Heroes On Classic Comic Covers

The world fell in love with Rocket Raccoon and Groot this summer in Guardians of the Galaxy, and now the pair are invading the covers of other characters' comics. An upcoming set of Marvel variant covers will feature homages to classic comic book covers, with Rocket and Groot in the starring roles. » 9/20/14 8:30am 9/20/14 8:30am

Animatronic Rocket Raccoon is the first soldier of the Robot Uprising

Guardians of the Galaxy hit Japan this weekend - and we love some of the crazy things Japan has been doing to promote the movie. This latest bit of promotion however, might go a touch too far into the 'oh god kill it with fire' camp. » 9/14/14 1:14pm 9/14/14 1:14pm

Japan's Made the Best, and Funniest, Guardians of the Galaxy Trailers

Guardians of the Galaxy is premiering in Japan this week and director James Gunn has been kind enough to inform the world of the beauty that are their trailers. » 9/08/14 9:00pm 9/08/14 9:00pm

Need More Rocket And Groot? Here's a Ton of Fan Art to Warm Your Heart

If Guardians of the Galaxy left a Rocket and Groot-shaped hole in your heart, never fear. Tons of wonderful artists have stepped up to celebrate the bromance that exists between tree person and talking raccoon. » 8/19/14 12:00pm 8/19/14 12:00pm

Marvel Screened Guardians of the Galaxy for the Co-Creator of Rocket

Excuse us, there's something in our eyes. Bill Mantlo, who created Rocket Raccoon with artist Keith Giffen, suffered a traumatic brain injury from a hit-and-run accident in 1992. So today, Marvel found a way to screen the film for him. » 8/03/14 9:00pm 8/03/14 9:00pm

The Only Guardians Of The Galaxy Action Figures I Need

Here it is. It doesn't matter how good or bad Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy does at the box office early next month. As long as I get my Hot Toys 1/6th scale figures of Rocket Raccoon and Groot, it's a win in my book. » 7/19/14 6:18pm 7/19/14 6:18pm

New Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer Looks Really, Really Good

The more we see of James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy, the more excited we get. The latest trailer showcases Chris Pratt's Star-Lord arguing with Bradley Cooper's Rocket Raccoon and it's just great. Can we have GOTG now, please? » 6/17/14 6:20am 6/17/14 6:20am

Secrets hidden in the new Guardians of the Galaxy teaser trailer

The longer trailer drops a few days, but we might as well see what secrets this teaser for the trailer has to offer. BONUS: Second teaser trailer included! » 5/18/14 12:00pm 5/18/14 12:00pm

Rocket Raccoon speaks in the new Guardians of the Galaxy promo

We got to see a little of Rocket Raccoon in action in the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, and in this Rocket-centered promo, we get to hear Bradley Cooper give him voice. Update: Now with the rest of the Guardians! » 2/20/14 11:25am 2/20/14 11:25am

Rocket Raccoon and Groot rule in Guardians of the Galaxy test footage

The first trailer for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy will finally drop on February 18th, but if you just can't wait, here's two very short clips of test animation, featuring Rocket Raccoon gunning down enemies with a semi-automatic while on top of the alien-tree-man Groot. It's a tad awesome. » 2/13/14 8:40am 2/13/14 8:40am

What's next for Marvel Comics: Ultimate Doom, new Captain America, and…

At the San Diego Comic-Con's Mondo Marvel panel, Marvel luminaries including Brian Michael Bendis, Jeph Loeb, Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning divulged new Avengers-esque projects lined up for 2010-2011. What's on the docket? Oodles of Cap and Ultimates projects. » 7/22/10 4:19pm 7/22/10 4:19pm