International Space Station Could be Left Empty by November

For personal reasons, I had to miss yesterday's NASA press conference, which gave an update on International Space Station operations following the failure and crash of a Progress resupply vehicle last week. When I returned home and saw the headlines about the briefing from other news sites, I thought, "Wow, everyone… »8/30/11 10:00am8/30/11 10:00am

The Life of Polyamorous Pagan Rocket Scientist Jack Parsons — In Pictures

Sure I'll take any excuse to use "polyamorous" and "rocket scientist" in the same headline, but in this case there's a good reason. Over at BoingBoing, David Pescovitz has unearthed an online comic book biography about Jack Parsons, the man who founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and shared a wife with L. Ron… »8/28/08 4:49pm8/28/08 4:49pm