Watch as SpaceX's Grasshopper scares the crap out of a herd of cattle

SpaceX has released a new video of last month's remarkable Grasshopper test flight in which the reusable rocket performed an incredible 300-foot lateral maneuver. The zoomed-out view puts the feat into better perspective — while also showing how effective the rocket is at terrifying the local livestock. »9/09/13 10:20am9/09/13 10:20am

One small hop for SpaceX, a giant leap towards rocket reusability

SpaceX has just taken a major step closer to achieving the world's first reusable launch vehicle. The private space-firm has just released a video showing its Grasshopper Vertical Take Off and Landing Vehicle rising up to a height of 40 meters (130 feet) where it hovers for a brief moment, and then vertically… »12/25/12 9:30am12/25/12 9:30am