The Supersonic Nazi Rocket Concept Designed to Bomb Any City in 1 Hour

When WWII ended, American engineers examined a trove of Nazi concepts for rocket-powered weapons and airplanes. One of the most terrifying was Eugen Sänger's antipodal bomber, a manned supersonic plane designed to reach any city on Earth in one hour. Thank heavens it never worked. » 8/09/14 5:09pm 8/09/14 5:09pm

The First American Rocket Flight Was an Advertising Stunt

Chuck Yeager shattered the sound barrier in the Bell X-1, and the X-15 was perhaps the world's first spaceship. But these fabulous machines hardly sprang into being from nothing. They were the products of a long evolution of rocket-propelled aircraft, whose strangest episode may have come when the very first American… » 1/01/14 8:00am 1/01/14 8:00am