Is Farscape's Rockne O'Bannon the ultimate villain of his new show Cult?

There are just two weeks left until Cult premieres on The CW — and you're not prepared for how meta this show is going to be. As creator Rockne O'Bannon explained to us, "the audience watching Cult at home is watching a show about people watching a show called Cult." And Cult is a show about a cult following for a… »2/05/13 5:30pm2/05/13 5:30pm


Find Out What Happened Next In Our Exclusive Farscape Preview

Wonder what happened to astronaut John Crichton after the Peacekeeper Wars? Boom! Studios' new Farscape comic aims to answer all your questions, and then raise new ones. We've got six pages of the first issue to tease you - and a seventh exclusive page you can't see anywhere else. Update: Gallery is now working. »12/05/08 5:03pm12/05/08 5:03pm