Let's Not Do The Time Warp Again: Rocky Horror Remake On Hold

It took Frank N. Furter just seven days to make you a man, but remaking him will take longer. That MTV remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show is "on hold," inside sources tell io9. It "may take a while." » 9/01/09 1:25pm 9/01/09 1:25pm

Riff Raff Curses MTV's Rocky Horror Remake

The Rocky Horror Picture Show » 8/15/08 8:20am 8/15/08 8:20am's original writer, composer, singer and beloved Riff Raff is casting a monstrous scowl on the new remake from MTV. "I have no view on whether it should be remade, but it doesn't have my blessing," Richard O'Brien told the BBC News. I'm shocked they didn't even consider asking him. I hopeā€¦