Roger Ebert's Poignant Thoughts On Film Are Even Better When Animated

PBS Digital Studios’ Blank on Blank series, which takes interviews with interesting people and then animates them, is just a delight, and this interview with Roger Ebert is no exception. Ebert talks about his issues with film school, who has the biggest ego, and why his favorite love scenes aren’t about passion.
»6/25/15 1:40pm6/25/15 1:40pm


If there were a Star Wars movie starring only busty babes, this would be the toyline

We've featured the incredible work of toy customizer Sillof before; he's best known for his incredible reimaginings of superhero and Star Wars figures in steampunk style, Roman, noir, samurai, and more. Which is probably why, when comedian Patton Oswalt decided he needed a set of Star Wars figures in the style of the… »4/10/13 2:50pm4/10/13 2:50pm

Watch Siskel and Ebert battle a snooty Star Wars-hating film critic back in 1983

For all the millions of dollars the original Star Wars trilogy made in the late-'70s and early-'80s, not everyone was enamored with A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Among those haters was film critic John Simon, who took to Ted Koppel's Nightline to spew his disdain and hate all over the… »1/28/13 4:40pm1/28/13 4:40pm