In Elysium, Two People's Love Lasts Forever... But The Details Are Gone

Is love universal, or are there different types of love depending on the sort of people involved? Is brother-sister love different than mother-daughter love, or romantic love? Those are the sort of questions that come up in Jennifer Marie Brissett's ambitious new novel Elysium. Minor spoilers ahead... » 12/15/14 4:00pm 12/15/14 4:00pm

The REAL Reason Why Superhero Romances Are Always Doomed

Everybody knows that superheroes can't have successful love lives. If a costumed hero does get married to his or her long-term love interest, then the multiverse winds up breaking (or Satan intervenes) to thwart it. Is this because happy relationships are boring? Or is there a more insidious reason? » 8/13/14 4:29pm 8/13/14 4:29pm

The Absolute Worst Trope In Science Fiction Romance Novels

There's a lot to celebrate about science fiction romance novels — apart from anything else, they're one of the fastest-growing areas of the genre, and they're getting a lot of people reading science fiction. But there's one trope in the genre that writer C.E. Kilgore finds really repulsive: "dubious consent." » 5/08/14 11:14am 5/08/14 11:14am

The Best Science Fiction Romance Novels You've Probably Never Heard Of

Over at USA Today, there's a new column about science fiction romance books, called Sci-Fi Encounters — and for the first installment, Veronica Scott is interviewing author S.E. Smith. And more importantly, compiling a reading list of great SF romances. Including clones, breeder slaves and time travelers. » 2/27/14 1:53pm 2/27/14 1:53pm

Romance Fail: The Worst Fictional Pairings, and Why They Happen

Romance abounds in fiction — and science fiction and fantasy are full of epic romances too. But sometimes, it's just a bad idea. We see so many fictional couples that the writers clearly thought were a great idea, but are actually disasters. Here are the main signs that a fictional romance is a terrible, awful, bad… » 2/14/14 12:00pm 2/14/14 12:00pm

Amazon is making it harder to sell Bigfoot porn ebooks

Erotica featuring Sasquatch, minotaurs, aliens, and boar gods may not fit everyone's tastes, but some authors have made a killing selling monster sex ebooks. But some ebook retailers, notably Amazon, have been cracking down on cryptozoological smut, making it harder for writers to sell their books to readers who are… » 12/22/13 10:00am 12/22/13 10:00am

Scientists Develop an Online Dating Engine That Measures Your Hotness

In addition to being the worst, online dating is literally the fucking worst. Unless you have a thing for a very specific type of vulnerability, it's not so much a romance and fulfillment machine as it is a hybrid anxiety generator/saltlick for creeps. I have several close friends who ended up marrying people they… » 11/19/13 1:48pm 11/19/13 1:48pm

About Time proves it's more fun to watch time travelers who can't steer

There have been lots of romance movies where time is warped, looped or frappéd — from Groundhog Day to Time Traveler's Wife. But in the new movie About Time, from Richard Curtis (Notting Hill), the dude has total control over his time-journeys, which means that everything goes pretty smoothly for him. Yawn. » 11/01/13 7:00am 11/01/13 7:00am

What happens when a closeted superhero falls for a supervillain?

Things are going pretty well for Kyle, the pyrokinetic superhero of Alex Woolfson's webcomic The Young Protectors. He's on a successful young superhero team and he's got himself a great set of teammates. But he's also gay and very much in the closet. And, on the day he finally pokes his head out of the closet, he… » 7/13/13 8:30am 7/13/13 8:30am

It's always a love story on Doctor Who these days

Tonight's "haunted house" episode of Doctor Who has a lot going for it, including some genuinely creepy moments and a companion rescuing the Doctor in a way we've never seen before. But it also exposes how the show's over-reliance on romance as a storytelling engine is running into the law of diminishing returns.… » 4/20/13 9:00pm 4/20/13 9:00pm