10 Most Epic Love Stories in All of Science Fiction

Science fiction gives us space wars and robot uprisings, but there's nothing as huge and awesome as a love story that spans star systems or timelines. Here's our list of the top 10 greatest romances in science fiction. » 9/04/12 10:07am 9/04/12 10:07am

8 Superhero Relationships More Dysfunctional Than Yours

Leave it to superheroes to set an example for the rest of us, even when it comes to co-dependency and messed-up relationships. Here are some brightly costumed romances that provide anti-role models for the rest of us. » 2/14/10 1:00pm 2/14/10 1:00pm

10 Comic Characters Who've Got The Power Of Love

For we mere mortals, romance can be tough; after all, love is, as Pat Benetar once so tunefully pointed out, a battlefield. But some comic book characters come prepared for this kind of war. Here're 10 examples to learn from. » 2/13/10 12:00pm 2/13/10 12:00pm

Science Fiction's Greatest Love Potions And Devotion Rays

Are you facing the prospect of being alone on Valentine's Day? It's not too late to make someone fall in love with you. Science fiction's full of handy ways to make someone swoon into your arms, and here's a list. » 2/12/10 6:22pm 2/12/10 6:22pm

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Romantic Comedies That Abuse Magic: The Biggest Offenders

Romcoms have a long history of abusing magic. Need to change a misogynist? Give him a curse. Got a protagonist who doesn't appreciate life? Kill her. Here's our list of the worst magic exploitation flicks, in order of awfulness. » 2/11/10 5:09pm 2/11/10 5:09pm

Screwtopia! The 5 Types Of Erotic Dystopia In Science Fiction

If you think sex in the 21st century sucks, just be glad you don't live in one of these scifi dystopias. When Big Brother is a peeping Tom and three-penised mutants are eligible bachelors, getting off is a turn-off. » 2/11/10 12:30pm 2/11/10 12:30pm

Geek Weddings: Dinosaurs, Science Experiments And Han Solo

When nerds pledge our undying devotion, we do it with a bit more style. Two recent geek weddings brought the geek love: One with Star Wars-themed wedding bands, and one with a study of oxytocin levels among the guests. » 2/11/10 11:22am 2/11/10 11:22am

What Is Paranormal Romance?

One of the biggest-selling subgenres in the science fiction and fantasy worlds is something called "paranormal romance." This catchall term gets applied to everything from vampy erotica and space opera, so we asked popular paranormal romance authors to define it. » 2/11/10 8:30am 2/11/10 8:30am

People Who Have Sex With Spaceships And Other Awesome Vehicles in…

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Science Fiction's 10 Most Epic Love Stories

Science fiction gives us space wars and robot uprisings, but there's nothing as huge and awesome as a love story that spans star systems or timelines. Here's our list of the top 10 greatest romances in science fiction. » 2/10/10 3:40pm 2/10/10 3:40pm

The Chemicals of Love – Five Ways Science Helps You Get Turned On

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The Future of Nymphomania

"Nymphomania" has fallen out of favor as a legit diagnosis among psychologists. But the hunger for sex is about to be classified as a new mental disorder: "hypersexuality." If you think about sex a lot, you might be sick. » 2/10/10 7:30am 2/10/10 7:30am

12 Successful SF Authors Who've Written Racy Fanfic

There's no love like the non-canonical love between two characters in a media science-fiction franchise. And there's no love like the love of writers for these pairings. A surprising number of established authors have dabbled in romantic or steamy fanfic. » 2/09/10 6:37pm 2/09/10 6:37pm

Samuel Delany's 70-Year Romance Novel Coming This Fall

You think your love affair is long lasting? Your romance is but an eyeblink compared to that of the characters in Samuel R. Delany's new novel — which is finally coming out this fall. » 2/09/10 12:58pm 2/09/10 12:58pm

To Get No Valentines . . . Would Be A Disaster!!!

When io9 asked me if I could break away from my busy schedule of being awesome and create some disastrous Valentines . . . How could I say no? I love you all, and dammit you deserve it!!! » 2/09/10 10:00am 2/09/10 10:00am

The Science Of Metal Fever, Or How To Build Your Sexbot

Futurama showed us a world with space travel, robot sidekicks, and Al Gore riding the Mighty Moon Worm, but what really made hearts beat faster were the downloadable Lucy Liu robots. How close are we to robot lovin'? » 2/08/10 2:30pm 2/08/10 2:30pm

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