The Most Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Artists' Conceptions of Exoplanets

When we discover a brand new exoplanet, we can only imagine what it might look like. But luckily for us, our imagination has some pretty brilliant visual aids. Artists (including our own Ron Miller) have created some droolworthy images of planets outside our solar system. Here are the most gorgeous of them all. »10/15/13 6:14pm10/15/13 6:14pm

Gorgeous illustrations of what it would look like to stroll along Titan's methane rivers

Last week, the ESA released unprecedented images of a long, meandering river on the surface of Saturn's moon Titan. Most likely the river flows with ethane or methane, and might be slightly viscous like oil. Now, space artist and io9 contributor Ron Miller has created these gorgeous up-close visions of the river from… »12/19/12 10:28pm12/19/12 10:28pm

The Incredible Beauty of Titan’s Tropical Methane Lakes

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has spotted methane lakes in the so-called "tropics" of Saturn's moon, Titan. (Where temperatures reach a balmy −179 °C, or −290 °F.) The lakes were a bit of a surprise to researchers who had assumed that the long-standing liquid bodies would only exist at the poles. The discovery also raises… »6/14/12 3:03pm6/14/12 3:03pm

Artist helps wife fight cancer by turning her into a sexy pulp warrior

Concept Artist Ron Miller (who often contributes to io9) wanted to celebrate his wife Judith's recent victory over cancer with something spectacular — something bold and glorious like the Planet Stories covers they both love. So they created Captain Judikha. Together they stitched a glorious vintage super suit and… »5/21/12 3:39pm5/21/12 3:39pm

The weirdest moons in the solar system, and what it would look like to stand on them

It would sometimes seem as though there are two solar systems: One including planets, and another including moons. Until recently, most books about the solar system focused on the planets, stopping only to acknowledge the existence of their satellites with a kind of half-embarrassed nod. They would be discussed as a… »11/10/11 11:00am11/10/11 11:00am