Strange and Gorgeous Houses Built on Rooftops

A roof is the perfect place to build a house — you've got a view, and often you're hidden from the street. Here are pictures of some of the craziest and most astonishing rooftop homes around the world. » 8/14/13 3:17pm 8/14/13 3:17pm

Houses built on a shopping mall roof give residents a yard in the…

In Zhuzhou, Hunan's second-largest city, a developer has come up with an innovative way to let some people enjoy the yard and isolation of a freestanding house in the middle of a quickly growing city. These four villas sit on the roof of a five-story shopping mall, enjoying both airy views of the city and the mall's… » 8/19/12 9:30am 8/19/12 9:30am