Crowdfund A Feature-Length Film By The Makers Of Red Vs Blue And More

The funny folks behind the goofball web series Red vs. Blue are trying their hands at a feature film—and it's a scifi comedy. Plus, an English version of Osamu Tezuka's space Western, a line of high-quality Greek mythology toys, and a diverse superhero anthology are all looking for a bit of crowdfunding help. » 6/20/14 4:40pm 6/20/14 4:40pm

Two guys attempt to simply walk into Mordor... for real

We all know the saying "One cannot simply walk into Mordor." But is it true, or was Boromir just being a pessimist? Kerry Shawcross and Chris Demarais of Rooster Teeth (the Red Vs. Blue guys) decided to find out for themselves by flying to New Zealand, and setting out from the set of Hobbiton to Mount Ngauruhoe, the… » 12/12/12 6:20am 12/12/12 6:20am