The Killing Bluff: Alan Moore plays poker with a few comic book friends

Ron Swanson and Rorschach combine to form the world's greatest…

Parks and Recreation's Ron Swanson is a stern libertarian with a heart of gold and and endless appetite for bacon and eggs. Watchmen's Rorschach is a merciless objectivist who eats beans and smashes skulls. Together, the form the fearsomely deadpan vigilante Ron Sworschach. » 4/12/12 2:00pm 4/12/12 2:00pm

What Kind Of Unpowered Superhero Are You?

With Kick-Ass in the theaters this weekend, you may be considering superheroics as a career yourself. But wait! What kind of superhero will you be - the neighborhood champion or the deodorant-eschewing, bloodthirsty lunatic? Find out now! » 4/17/10 6:11pm 4/17/10 6:11pm

All Of Rorschach's Secrets — Revealed!

The Rorschach test is a hallowed tradition in psychology, and nobody is supposed to have access to those smudges that patients project their psyches onto. But a Saskatchewan surgeon has flouted tradition, by posting all ten inkblot images to Wikipedia. » 8/24/09 11:00am 8/24/09 11:00am

The Love Affair That Was The Real Reason The Comedian Died

We've shown you Ponderosa's... individual take on The Dark Knight before, but now the slash artist has turned her attention to Watchmen, and revealed that never-before-known connection between Sally and Ozymandias. Yes, really. Possibly NSFW. » 4/05/09 11:00am 4/05/09 11:00am

Brave And Bold Introduces You To Rorschach's Daddy

By now, you're very familiar with Watchmen's Rorschach, but tonight's episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold gives you a chance to meet the inspiration for the character, The Question. And here's a clip. » 3/13/09 11:30am 3/13/09 11:30am

9 Questions You May Have About Watchmen

You've seen the posters, the many trailers and featurettes and followed the lawsuit. But with Watchmen hitting screens on Friday, you may still be wondering what it's all about. Let us try to help. » 3/01/09 12:00pm 3/01/09 12:00pm

Who's The Giant Blue Guy?

That would be Dr. Manhattan. Yes, he spends a lot of the film naked; being transformed from an everyday nuclear scientist into what is essentially a glowing blue god with powers and perspective beyond those of normal human beings tends to make you less bothered about things like "clothing," apparently. » 3/01/09 11:51am 3/01/09 11:51am

Who Are The Watchmen?

This is kind of a trick question. In the original comic, there isn't actually a group of people who call themselves the Watchmen. The superheroes all belonged to teams called the Minutemen, named for Paul Revere's militia during the American Revolutionary War, or the Crimebusters. The comic takes its title from the… » 3/01/09 11:33am 3/01/09 11:33am

An Intimate Moment Inside The Mind Of Rorschach

Take a peek inside the twisted mind of beloved anti-hero Walter Kovacs, with an extended clip from Zack Snyder's Watchmen - and decide for yourself, is this the demented vigilante Rorschach I've been dreaming of? » 2/24/09 11:34am 2/24/09 11:34am

Learn How To Use Rorschach's Grappling Gun

The next Watchmen video diary is out, and it showcases all of the dohickeys and whatnots that fill up every single inch of Zack Snyder's movie. The best part of this film will be noticing all the little details and easter eggs and shouting about them. In this diary from Movie Web, you get a closer look at Rorschach's… » 12/08/08 8:00am 12/08/08 8:00am

Watchmen Parody Sends Rorschach Through the Underworld of Children’s Lit

Someone stole Rorschach’s plums and he isn’t happy. “Blotchmen,” a short comic created by artist Kevin Cannon, skewers Watchmen » 10/29/08 2:14pm 10/29/08 2:14pm’s psychotic masked man by putting him exactly where he doesn’t belong: in a children’s book. Rorschach tracks his missing fruit through and , leaving death and mayhem in his wake.Cannon…

Does This Inkblot Resemble a Pyromaniac?

Zack Snyder reports that the "20 years in the making" Watchmen film is now in the can, although there's still the entire arduous process of post-production ahead. Given that master-of-space-and-time Dr. Manhattan is bright blue and nude half the time in the graphic novel, post-production is not an enviable task. We… » 2/20/08 8:40am 2/20/08 8:40am

io9 Analyzes Three Leaked Scripts for Watchmen

While Director Zack Snyder is working away feverishly to complete his live-action adaptation of Alan Moore's seminal Watchmen graphic novel, we decided to take a look at the three versions of the film's script floating around on the etherwebs. This project has had several stalled-out development attempts since 1986,… » 1/03/08 10:45am 1/03/08 10:45am