Doctor Who Faces Triple Matrimony In Final 2009 Episodes

According to one British newspaper, David Tennant's final appearances as the time-traveling star of Doctor Who will include attending three different weddings. Just how much of a happy ending is departing showrunner Russell T. Davies planning to give his characters? » 6/03/09 7:40am 6/03/09 7:40am

Weather, Technology Spoiled Rose's Return, Claims Piper

If Rose Tyler's return to Doctor Who » 9/11/08 6:30am 9/11/08 6:30am was spoiled for you by her unusual accent, then, well, you may need to focus on more important things, to be honest. But actress Billie Piper knows just who to blame: Mother Nature. Or perhaps the soundman. Whoever's fault it actually is, one thing is clear: It's definitely not…