Scifi and fantasy ladies pose as Rosie the Riveter for Labor Day

Labor Day isn't just an excuse to barbecue or squeeze in one last trip to the beach; it's also the day we remember the contributions of workers to society. These scifi, fantasy, and superheroines pay tribute to the wartime labor icon Rosie the Riveter—and show off their guns. » 9/02/13 12:00pm 9/02/13 12:00pm

Industrial Beauties of the 1940s

It's 1942, and these women are in Long Beach, California, inspecting massive pieces of jet wings for cargo transporters. They're real-life Rosie the Riveters, making sure these wings are ready to be assembled on the fuselage. » 1/17/08 6:40am 1/17/08 6:40am