Cower In Fear Before the Experimental, Self-Driving "Hedgehog Rover" NASA Wants to Send to an Asteroid

This is the hedgehog rover. It operates just as well upside-down as right-side up, is outfitted with spinning spikes on all sides, and can free itself from traps by using a “tornado spin”. There’s only one way to stop it: For the love of God, send it out to an asteroid quickly, NASA! »9/14/15 4:05pm9/14/15 4:05pm


This Chart Shows Every Space Exploration Rover Ever Launched

Maybe it's been the exciting, messiah-like death-and-rebirth of China's lunar rover, Jade Rabbit, but I've been thinking a lot about robotic space rovers lately. There haven't really been all that many — just eight have actually made it to either the moon or Mars. And now, for your use, are all eight collected on… »2/20/14 1:49pm2/20/14 1:49pm

10 Years Ago, Opportunity Rover Began a 90-Day Mission That Never Ended

When NASA's Opportunity rover launched on July 7th, 2003, expectations were modest. It would spend 90 Martian days exploring soil and rock samples and taking panoramas of the Red Planet; anything else would be a bonus. Nearly ten years after its initial shift was up, Opportunity is still going strong. »7/07/13 4:46pm7/07/13 4:46pm