Science and Post-It notes power this Rube Goldberg machine

3M used 25,000 post its, 75 rolls of that blue painter tape, and a whole bunch of other stuff to make this wildly complicated Rube Goldberg machine that’s actually really fun to watch. Unlike other Rube Goldberg machines, it’s not totally obvious how it’ll progress from one level to the next, like a slow burn where… »8/20/15 3:00am8/20/15 3:00am


Engineers light a menorah with a Rube Goldberg Machine, a robotic arm, and a little nitroglycerin

The first night of Hanukkah is less than a week away, and the engineers of Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, are getting ready with their unnecessarily complicated menorah lighting system, in which a Rube Goldberg device triggers a robotic arm, and nitroglycerin provides the fire. »12/02/12 4:00pm12/02/12 4:00pm

Watch the world's most complex Rube Goldberg machine in action

Yesterday, Purdue University's Society of Professional Engineers broke a world record, creating the world's largest Rube Goldberg device. "Largest" here means containing the most steps, and Purdue's machine goes through 300 steps to inflate and then pop a balloon. The previous record-holder? Purdue University, which… »4/08/12 5:30pm4/08/12 5:30pm

Romantic Rube Goldberg device pours the wine and nudges your date in for a kiss

When you bring your date home, you need to hit the lights and pour the wine, but you don't want to take your eyes or hands off the ravishing creature in front of you. Fortunately, this Rube Goldberg machine handles all of the practical stuff for you, leaving you free to snuggle with the one you're with. »2/12/12 5:00pm2/12/12 5:00pm