This Rube Goldberg Machine Runs On Light

Mirrors, lenses and reflective surfaces are combined to arresting effect in this commercial for au Hikari, a Japanese high-speed optical ISP. The machine's optics work as one to reflect, focus, and diverge a single beam of light through a series of tasks, causing it to singe, melt and illuminate as it goes. » 9/14/14 9:00am 9/14/14 9:00am

This Rube Goldberg Device Puts A Human Inside the Machine

Every year, students from across the U.S. compete in Purdue University's Rube Goldberg Machine contest. This year's winners were invited to Jimmy Kimmel Live to present their 75-step zipper-zipping contraption – the first Rube Goldberg Machine in the competition's 31-year history to put a human inside the machine. » 5/16/14 11:40am 5/16/14 11:40am

One of the most creative Rube Goldberg machines we've seen in ages

Let's face it: we're suckers for good Rube Goldberg machines, and good Rube Goldberg machines take many forms. Some are Jewish. Others are human-powered. There are big ones and there are little ones. But we're guessing you've never seen one like the one up top. » 12/05/12 9:40am 12/05/12 9:40am

The Best Action Movie You'll See All Week = Parkour + Rube Goldberg

Cartoonist Rube Goldberg drew out comically complex machines that satirized the inventor's zeal to make modern life more convenient. Here, parkour practitioner Jason Paul throws himself in the middle of a warehouse-sized Rube Goldberg machine, complete with life-threatening tumbles and falls. » 10/04/12 6:15am 10/04/12 6:15am

NASA engineers make everything better — even music videos

OK Go (those guys from the treadmill video) employed a bunch of engineers from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to create this delightfully complicated Rube Goldberg machine music video. It's a must-watch. » 6/03/10 10:00am 6/03/10 10:00am