The Odd Life of Timothy Green is actually creepier than it sounds

The Odd Life of Timothy Green has sort of a creepy premise — a childless couple write down all of their fantasies about the child they'll never have, and bury them in a box in the backyard. One magical rainstorm later, the child they dreamed up comes climbing up out of the dirt, except that he's already 10 years old… »8/15/12 12:00pm

Finally, A Romantic Comedy About How Your Relationship is Doomed

Creative people are self-obsessed assweasels. And you can never really love someone else — you just love the fake version of them that you create in your head. Love is really the process of your ego attempting to crush and neutralize the ego of your object of affection. »7/25/12 12:00pm

Calvin starts writing about Ruby, and lo and…