Eleven Ways "Eleventh Hour" Smears the Reputation of Real Science

Judging by the ratings, a lot of people tuned in last night to watch Eleventh Hour »10/10/08 7:40pm10/10/08 7:40pm, Jerry Bruckheimer's -esque show about Hood, a "special science adviser to the FBI" played by Rufus Sewell. Based on a British show that failed, the series winds up making science seem even more like a preposterous Medieval fantasy…

Exclusive Psychokinetic Freak Out Clip From "Dark City" DVD

Here's an exclusive clip from the new "director's cut" DVD »7/24/08 8:42pm7/24/08 8:42pm of classic dark scifi , which is coming out July 29. In addition to never-before-seen footage, the DVD includes three commentary tracks, an introduction by director Alex Proyas, Neil Gaiman's review of the film, an "Architecture of Dreams" featurette, a…

Rufus Sewell Debuts His Crazy Eyes In New Elemental Clip

It looks like Rufus Sewell's performance in Jerry Bruckheimer's new show Elemental takes a page from his work in CSI. Including the one recluse-type main character, lots of hypothetical question asking, and great musical crescendos for commercial breaks. As in the original British show, the Patrick Stewart-starring … »5/19/08 11:40am5/19/08 11:40am

Jerry Bruckheimer Reinvents Patrick Stewart's Fear-The-Science Drama

Jerry Bruckheimer, creator of CSI, will copy Eleventh Hour, a British TV miniseries about a government scientist who investigates abuses of science, including killer viruses and stem-cell research run amok. (With his bad-ass female bodyguard in tow.) The British version starred Patrick Stewart, who went around… »2/25/08 9:30am2/25/08 9:30am