The Unresolved Gaming Mysteries of 2013


In 2013, next-gen consoles — previously the dominant fodder of the rumor mill — were announced and released. Many next-gen rumors turned out to be true — unpopular and confusing DRM policies were announced and reversed, launch titles were delayed, game resolutions differed. Yet these next-gen matters were not the only… » 12/31/13 4:19pm 12/31/13 4:19pm

Superman Vs. Batman Rumors Just Won't Die

We already told you about the Superman Vs. Batman in-joke movie billboard that makes an appearance in I Am Legend, and there's a grainy shot of it above. When you watch this in a crowded theater you can hear the fangasm of recognition pass through the audience when this image slides by, and now various fan sites seem… » 12/19/07 6:15am 12/19/07 6:15am