Twilight's Vampires Defeated By Lawsuit?

A rumor going around online at the moment claims that production of New Dawn, the second Twilight movie, has been halted due to Stephenie Meyer being accused of plagarism. Only problem? It's not true. » 4/21/09 6:30am 4/21/09 6:30am

Don't Panic — Sarah Connor Chronicles Not Moving To Saturday

Despite that weird listing over at Hulu, the season finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles really will air tomorrow night as planned. I double-checked with the Fox publicity people, and they confirmed the airing schedule hasn't changed at the last minute. » 4/09/09 12:15pm 4/09/09 12:15pm

Dollhouse's Mysterious Alpha May Be The Person We Least Suspect

Now that the news we posted about Dollhouse's mysterious Alpha is looking more like a rumor, Joss Whedon has let slip another crucial detail: the actor who plays Alpha may, himself, be a huge spoiler. » 2/26/09 10:30am 2/26/09 10:30am

The Truth About Megan Fox As The Next Lara Croft

Rumors have circulated all day that Megan Fox would be replacing Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in the next Tomb Raider action flick. We went straight to the top to find the answer. » 1/26/09 5:08pm 1/26/09 5:08pm