Could There Be Any Truth To These Doctor Who Rumors? [Updated]

Showrunner Steven Moffat has made it clear that he's already making plans for at least some of Doctor Who's episodes in 2015 — but speculation as to who might replace him continues to spread. And one surprising candidate has seemed to fuel the speculation, with a series of confusing tweets. Update: Comments from… »9/05/14 1:20pm9/05/14 1:20pm

Who's Ready for Mark Wahlberg as The Six Million Dollar Man?

The latest rumor is that the perennially stalled Six Million Dollar Man film has found its star in Mark Wahlberg. It's an unsourced, unconfirmed rumor, so it may mean nothing. Alternately, prepare for an onslaught of jokes about Wahlberg's clueless Transformer character reacting to the abilities of Steve Austin. »7/06/14 9:00pm7/06/14 9:00pm

Just how many villains does Joss Whedon's Avengers actually have?

Joss Whedon's upcoming movie The Avengers features all of the heroes who've already appeared in Marvel movies teaming up — but just how many baddies will the superhero team face? We know that Loki, the villain of Thor, is popping up as a major villain. And Loki apparently has an army of monsters on his side — which… »12/30/11 6:30am12/30/11 6:30am