How Close Are We To A Two-Hour Marathon?

On Sunday, from the moment 30-year-old Dennis Kimetto breasted the tape at the Berlin Marathon at 2:02:57 to set a new world record by 26 seconds, conversation in certain circles turned to what this meant for the assault on a sub-two-hour marathon. » 10/03/14 4:29pm 10/03/14 4:29pm

The Marathon World Record Has Been Broken – What Comes Next?

Kenyan runner Dennis Kimetto set a world record at the Berlin Marathon today, covering a distance of 42.195 km (26.2 miles) a whopping 26 seconds faster than the previous record-holder. » 9/28/14 1:00pm 9/28/14 1:00pm

Running for as little as five minutes a day could add years to your life. And it doesn't matter how fast you run. After studying 55,137 adults between the ages of 18 and 100, it was discovered that runners had a 30% lower risk of death from all causes and a 45% lower risk of death from heart disease or stroke. » 7/29/14 11:40am 7/29/14 11:40am

For a Sharper Mind in Middle Age, Try Running in Your 20s

Reason #34,857 that exercise is important: getting your pulse up when you're 25 can make for a better brain at 45, according to a newly published study out of the University of Minnesota, the first to examine how exercise in young adulthood affects cognition later in life. » 4/03/14 10:04pm 4/03/14 10:04pm

Are You An Endurance Athlete? Prepare To Have Your Day Ruined.

To everyone who thinks that training for a marathon means being able to cram your face with any and as much food you damn well please – we have some unfortunate news for you. » 3/27/14 9:40am 3/27/14 9:40am

The Perfect Shoe Says A Lot About Humanity's Imperfect Evolution

Hitoshi Mimura is regarded as one of the best shoe designers on Earth. Formerly of Asics, "the god of shoes" went solo some years back, and began crafting custom footwear for world-class athletes on a consultation basis. Mimura, and his shoes, are legendary. So what's his secret? » 3/21/14 8:20am 3/21/14 8:20am

The Physics of Usain Bolt's World Record 100-meter Dash

Back in 2009, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt ran the 100-meter dash in a record setting time of 9.58 seconds. A recent study highlights the astounding physics behind this unprecedented human achievement. » 7/26/13 3:40pm 7/26/13 3:40pm

Princess and Wonder Woman running outfits are magical and sweat-proof

Sleeping Beauty isn't known for her high levels of activity, but with these running costumes, she and the other Disney princesses might get a different reputation. Plus, the sweat-wicking, anti-odor material keeps your costume looking fresh, even when you're drenched in sweat. » 6/17/12 8:30am 6/17/12 8:30am

Why did we evolve to experience "runner's high"?

We recently learned that women can have orgasms from exercising, and now it seems the pleasures of exercise are even more deeply woven into our evolution. The "runner's high" experienced after strenuous exertion was actually key to our species' success. » 3/22/12 2:48pm 3/22/12 2:48pm

Scientists build robotic legs that can jog like a human

This is MABEL, a bipedal robot who currently resides in a lab at the University of Michigan. Although MABEL has no head and needs a guiding bar to navigate its tiny gymnasium, this jogging robot can maintain an eerily human 6.8-mile-per-hour strut. » 8/16/11 12:25pm 8/16/11 12:25pm

Will humans one day run a marathon in under two hours?

Ethiopian runner Haile Gebrselassie holds the current world record in the marathon at 2 hours, 3 minutes, and 59 seconds. Here's the question: what's it going to take to shave those last four minutes off for the first two-hour marathon? » 4/17/11 9:00am 4/17/11 9:00am

Proof that humans could outrun Neanderthals

One of the traits that gave humans an evolutionary advantage was their ability to run for long distances. It helped humans catch energy-rich meat to grow big brains. It also looks like it helped us leave Neanderthals in the dust. » 2/04/11 8:00am 2/04/11 8:00am

Augmented Human May Compete in Beijing Olympics

Last year South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius blew people's minds when he came in second in a 400-meter footrace in Rome...without feet. Pistorius is missing the lower part of both his legs, and ran on two carbon-fiber "Cheetah" leg prostheses. A lawsuit followed (of course), and Pistorius was banned from… » 5/27/08 9:35am 5/27/08 9:35am