7 Snow White and the Huntsman clips show off the Evil Queen's secret weapon

Holy crap do we want to ride the giant white stag Kristen Stewart is petting in these new Snow White and the Huntsman clips. The more fantasy elements director Rupert Sanders starts revealing, the more we're starting to swoon over tiny green pixies and The Queen's magical army of broken glass people. Even though… »5/14/12 1:30pm5/14/12 1:30pm


Watch Snow White and the Huntsman's bad-ass Evil Queen at work

We've got three great clips from director Rupert Sanders' Snow White and the Huntsman that showcase a whole bunch of gothic magic and Charlize Theron yelling her head off at Chris Hemsworth. Plus, a bit of Kristen Stewart screaming at a big old woodland troll. We had no idea there would be this much yelling! Snow… »5/11/12 10:55am5/11/12 10:55am

Loads of new Snow White & The Huntsman footage shows off the Evil Queens black fantasy side

Four new featurettes have been released from the dark fantasy movie Snow White & The Huntsman. Yes, it's stuffed with sword fights and horse riding and lots of lovely shiny armor — but you and I both know the Queen is the most important thing. And hot damn, does Charlize Theron sell her ice-cold stares. Come and… »3/14/12 6:30pm3/14/12 6:30pm