At Long Last, a Full-Length Novel from Award-Winning Writer Ken Liu

We've marveled at Ken Liu's short fiction — especially "Paper Menagerie," the story that won an astonishing three major awards. But also a number of other great tales. Now at last, he's sold a novel — the first in a brand new fantasy series featuring gods, politics and war. We've got the exclusive announcement! »11/25/13 7:01pm11/25/13 7:01pm


J.K. Rowling's Secret of Writing Fantasy for Mainstream Readers

Sometimes we're apt to see fantasy and science fiction as eternally under siege and in danger of being driven out by a harsh, unforgiving market. But many SF/fantasy authors are doing incredibly well, and plenty of others are holding steady. Over at the Clarion Foundation blog, literary agent Russell Galen with Scovil… »2/16/11 11:30am2/16/11 11:30am