Our First Look at Christina Hendricks in Ryan Gosling's Monster Movie

Ryan Gosling's Lost River (formerly How to Catch a Monster) is being publicized as a dark fantasy movie with some pretty big-name stars, including Christina Hendricks and Matt Smith. Here are the first two images from the film, including one of a woman (presumably Hendricks) standing before a rather ominous-looking… » 4/19/14 5:18pm 4/19/14 5:18pm

Ryan Gosling's monster movie with Christina Hendricks might be the best thing ever

Ryan Gosling is making a science fiction movie with Christina Hendricks and monsters? This could be the most universally appealing film ever created! The beloved actor and hardbody, Gosling, will be making his directorial debut in the film he also wrote, called How to Catch a Monster. » 8/30/12 8:50am 8/30/12 8:50am

Ryan Gosling's Logan's Run remake gets a hot new writer — but will that be enough?

It looks like the new Logan's Run movie might be moving forward after all. Writer Andrew Baldwin, who got his unproduced Western screenplay The West Is Dead onto the prestigious Black List of hot spec scripts, has been tapped to rewrite Logan's Run for Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn. » 10/31/11 10:57am 10/31/11 10:57am

Green Lantern's Epic Space-Hero Script Gets A B-Minus

One of the most promising comic-book movies in the pipeline right now is Green Lantern » 10/17/08 2:40pm 10/17/08 2:40pm, and we've just gotten hold of a draft of the script. Written and directed by the creators of quirky TV show , and hopefully starring Ryan Gosling, it's the perfect swashbuckling space adventure. The story's main arc is pretty much…