"Scream Queens" Teaser Contains Bubblegum Pop And A Bubblegum Demon

Beyond the cast (and it just lost the werewolf, incidentally), we still don't know too much about Ryan Murphy's upcoming horror-comedy-musical (?) series Scream Queens. But here's a teaser featuring Emma Roberts in college-kid character, sassily chomping on what appears to be haunted bubblegum. Ok then! » 3/14/15 3:45pm 3/14/15 3:45pm

American Horror Story season 2 has a new home, new time, and a new character for Jessica Lange

American Horror Story is starting over from scratch for its second season of horny ghosts and raw organ-eating. The new season will start in a new time period, with a new location and a lot of the original cast playing completely different characters. Like Bruce Willis in North. » 4/19/12 11:30am 4/19/12 11:30am

How crazy will Ryan Murphy's science fiction horror movie get?

Ryan Murphy gave us the concept of mad-sturbation with American Horror Story. Now he's co-writing a science fiction horror movie with Apollo 18 writer Brian Miller, and who knows what we're going to get this time? Nothing much is known about the untitled film at this point, including whether Murphy might direct. But… » 1/23/12 8:30am 1/23/12 8:30am