Ben Kingsley Steals Ryan Reynolds' Body In First Selfless Trailer

Behold the first trailer for Tarsem (The Cell, The Fall) Singh's return to scifi — Selfless, a story about how Ben Kingsley wants to live forever in the body of Ryan Reynolds. Who wouldn't, AMIRITE? » 3/04/15 9:25am 3/04/15 9:25am

Possible Deadpool Casting Call Reveals A Few More Marvel Characters 

Dammit, we are excited about the Deadpool movie and these potential casting calls could reveal a bunch of really great characters who may (or may not) be accompanying Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller as they give this insane character his own feature film. » 2/17/15 10:25am 2/17/15 10:25am

The Voices Wonders If Your Pet Could Talk, Would It Tell You To Kill?

One of the oddest films about mental illness to come along in awhile, this pitch black comedy from Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis) follows the downward spiral of Jerry (Ryan Reynolds), a fellow driven to violence by the voices in his head… which seem to be emanating from his pets. Some spoilers follow. » 2/05/15 9:00am 2/05/15 9:00am

In The Voices Trailer, Ryan Reynolds Is Urged Into Murder By His Cat

Well, this looks weird as all get out. And all the more fabulous for it. Here's the trailer for The Voices, starring Ryan Reynolds as Jerry, whose shoulder angel and devil are represented by his dog and cat, respectively. » 1/09/15 3:00am 1/09/15 3:00am

Holy Chimichangas! Ryan Reynolds Will Star In The New Deadpool Movie

It's almost official! It looks like Ryan Reynolds will be reprising his role as the Merc with a Mouth in the upcoming Deadpool solo movie. Let's hope he's perfecting the art of talking to himself and breaking the fourth wall. » 12/04/14 2:09pm 12/04/14 2:09pm

Rejoice! The Deadpool Movie is Coming in 2016

You did it! Well, at least, Ryan Reynolds thinks you did it. Because the fan campaign, in whatever form it took, is what he believes moved this forward. Whatever it was, Fox has given Deadpool a February 12, 2016 release date. Who screams "Valentine's Day" more than Deadpool? » 9/18/14 9:00pm 9/18/14 9:00pm

Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Movie Test Footage Is Heartbreakingly Perfect

Despite X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Green Lantern, there was one comic superhero Ryan Reynolds was born to play — Deadpool. Test footage from the once-in-development movie has surfaced, and not only is it great, it is genuinely tragic that this movie has never been made... yet. » 7/28/14 8:08am 7/28/14 8:08am

The Voices in Ryan Reynolds' head command him to kill

Ryan Reynolds has been in a bit of a slump lately, but color us greatly intrigued by his newest film, The Voices. Directed by Marjane Satrapi, the author of the acclaimed graphic novel Persepolis, The Voices stars Reynolds as a man who falls in love with his co-worker... and then accidentally kills her. At which point… » 12/10/13 6:20am 12/10/13 6:20am

Be careful whose body you download your brain into... In Selfless, a dying billionaire has his consciousness transferred into the body of a younger man (Ryan Reynolds), only to be hunted by the thugs who murdered his host body originally. Victor Garber will play the billionaire's best friend. » 10/11/13 12:54pm 10/11/13 12:54pm

RIPD is an adequate movie you should absolutely not see in theaters

R.I.P.D. is many things: inoffensive, inconsequential, mildly entertaining, a by-the-numbers knock-off of Men in Black, and an unofficial sequel to True Grit. What is it not, though, is a movie you should pay any money to see. » 7/19/13 1:10pm 7/19/13 1:10pm

Turbo could be the sweetest surprise of the summer

Every once in a while, there's an animated film that has a totally bizarre premise, which should not work at all. And yet, the result is actually kind of great. Gnomeo and Juliet was one such movie, and so is Turbo, the story of a snail that wants to be a race car. Turbo could be the summer's most pleasant surprise. » 7/17/13 11:20am 7/17/13 11:20am

First RIPD clips show how Jeff Bridges uses sex appeal to get ahead

One of the central gimmicks of R.I.P.D., out next week, is that people don't recognize the ghost cops played by Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds — instead, they see Bridges as a hot blonde babe and Reynolds as an elderly Asian man. Now at last, this clip shows how it works. » 7/10/13 4:30pm 7/10/13 4:30pm

Ryan Reynolds flees the Highlander remake

There can be only... none? Ryan Reynolds has exited the long-in gestation/development hell remake of Highlander, in which he was going to play immortal Scotsman Connor MacLeod, leaving the project without a lead actor or a director. » 6/18/13 6:40am 6/18/13 6:40am

Jeff Bridges is a sassy zombie cop in the first R.I.P.D. trailer

Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds are the undead cops who keep our world safe from the unholy ghosts called "deados." The first trailer for R.I.P.D. conveys the goofy Men in Black vibe, right down to the strange new weapons. » 4/17/13 4:43pm 4/17/13 4:43pm

Jeff Bridges completely steals the show in our first taste of R.I.P.D.

Ryan Reynolds teams up with Jeff Bridges for the supernatural buddy cop movie R.I.P.D., and we caught the first footage here at CinemaCon. Could this be the break from dark gritty action movies we've been waiting for? » 4/16/13 2:00pm 4/16/13 2:00pm

Check out Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds as undead cops in RIPD

Ryan Reynolds is trying his hand at another comic book movie, this time Dark Horse's R.I.P.D. about a cop (Reynolds) who gets murdered, and then joins the police's Rest in Peace Department to catch his own killer. » 4/15/13 7:10am 4/15/13 7:10am

Ryan Reynolds' Most Ridiculous Superhero Performance of All Time

Ryan Reynolds brought a certain wounded goofiness to his performance in Green Lantern. He was vaguely snarky as Deadpool in Wolverine. But you've never really seen him go all the way over-the-top with the superhero thing — unless you've rented the otherwise forgettable indie movie Paper Man. » 7/03/12 5:30pm 7/03/12 5:30pm

Ryan Reynolds is the frontrunner for the Highlander remake — just let…

Is someone hellbent on finding the worst ways to make Ryan Reynolds a big ticket leading man? News of his next possible project has us scratching our heads — Reynolds might be the new lead in the Highlander reboot. Commence "there can only be one" jokes now. » 5/18/12 1:40pm 5/18/12 1:40pm