Oh good, there's a Salmonella outbreak while the government's shut down

With many of America's federally employed food-safety personnel on furlough (thanks, government shutdown), it's a good thing there isn't a major foodborne-illness outbreak unfolding across the country! Oh, wait. » 10/08/13 9:20am 10/08/13 9:20am

Why HIV is More Evil Than We Could Have Imagined

A devastating Salmonella epidemic is ravaging parts of sub-Saharan Africa right now — and it appears that HIV gave this rapidly evolving form of Salmonella a major boost. According to a new study, the African HIV epidemic appears to have provided this strain of Salmonella with a large number of humans with weakened… » 10/02/12 1:30pm 10/02/12 1:30pm

Stigler's Law: Why nothing in science is ever named after its actual…

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The worst and weirdest food disasters you'll ever experience

Food is a hoot to eat, but it's significantly less fun when it's exploding or drowning you or turning you into a psychedelic werewolf. Here are seven kinds of real-life food disasters that will make you lose your appetite...forever. » 11/23/10 4:07pm 11/23/10 4:07pm