The Greatest Spies In Pop Culture, Ranked

If you believe fiction, spies are everywhere. You cannot turn around without bumping into someone in a wig, armed with a gun masquerading as a tasteful pair of earrings, and carrying secret plans in microdot form. There are so many, we decided to rank them. » 2/12/15 12:10pm 2/12/15 12:10pm

Fictional Spy Disguises That Fooled Absolutely No One

There is nothing better than a spy disguise, especially when it's a terrible one. Here are the best of the worst spy disguises on television and film. » 2/09/15 2:00pm 2/09/15 2:00pm

Here Are Some Foods To Help You Hack Your Sweet Tooth

Body hackery can be surprisingly low-tech, especially if you're trying to hijack any person with a sweet tooth. There are a bunch of foods that chefs are using to hack your tastes buds into thinking their food tastes better, or at least sweeter, than it is. » 7/01/14 8:00am 7/01/14 8:00am

What Makes Sugar and Salt So Delicious Together?

What makes a chocolate-covered pretzel such an insanely tasty concoction? The English language is curiously lacking in a word for something that's both sugary and salty, but fortunately science has some answers. » 10/01/13 12:09pm 10/01/13 12:09pm

Amazonian butterflies and bees drink the tears of turtles

It sounds poetic, but it's apparently true: in the Amazon, bees and, more often, butterflies, flap around the heads of turtles to drink their salty, salty tears. It's truly a sight to behold. » 9/15/13 9:30am 9/15/13 9:30am

Meryl Streep could be joining Jeff Bridges in The Giver

We've been hoping for a while that Jeff Bridges will really get his movie of Lois Lowry's classic novel The Giver off the ground. And that it'll be as good as it deserves to be. Now, there's a strong piece of evidence in favor of both notions: Meryl Streep could be joining the cast. » 8/07/13 1:54pm 8/07/13 1:54pm

Millions of deaths indicate we're all eating too much salt

Some worrisome stats for your morning: new research concludes that excess salt consumption has had a hand in over two million heart-related deaths worldwide in 2010, 40% of which were premature. » 3/22/13 9:40am 3/22/13 9:40am

Archeologists in Bulgaria have discovered Europe's oldest prehistoric…

Between six and seven thousand years ago, salt was every bit as valuable as gold; and the inhabitants of this ancient, heavily guarded settlement (recently named the oldest ever discovered in Europe) were swimming in the stuff. » 11/01/12 11:01am 11/01/12 11:01am

Monsters season their meat with salt made from human tears

What do the creatures from your closet use to add a floral quality to their chocolate souffle? The lavender-scented salts derived the tears of human sorrow. If they want more of a kick to their meat, they may choose the peppery salt from tears of sneezing, or the powerful salt from tears of anger. » 5/26/12 12:30pm 5/26/12 12:30pm

The vast, abandoned salt mines that lurk beneath Detroit

Over 1,000 feet beneath the city of Detroit is a 1,500 acre sprawl of tunnels created by salt miners at the turn of the twentieth century. Over at Environmental Graffiti, there's a fascinating story about the rise and fall of Detroit as the great city of salt production. Discovered in the late nineteenth century,… » 5/21/12 7:40am 5/21/12 7:40am

Fast-food salt content varies by country. Guess who gets the most?

Fast food is loaded with salt. This should come at no surprise. What is surprising, however, is that the same menu items often have different salt levels depending on where they're served. » 4/16/12 12:00pm 4/16/12 12:00pm

This Ukrainian salt mine is like a tourist resort for morlocks

Or a spring break destination for CHUDs. In the Ukrainian town of Soledar, an unused salt mine 300 meters underground has become a tourist attraction thanks to its ornate passageways. » 3/30/12 11:25am 3/30/12 11:25am

Aquarius satellite reveals saltiness of all the world's oceans

This map is the result of one very busy month of data collected by NASA's Aquarius instrument, offering the first ever global map of the ocean surface's saltiness. This information has potentially profound implications for our understanding of changing climates. » 9/27/11 7:40am 9/27/11 7:40am

Inception passes the most important test: the second weekend box office

Tons of movies do well in their first weekend, but a lot fewer keep it up for a second weekend. Add Inception to that exclusive club: It's the number one movie in America two weekends running. » 7/26/10 6:30am 7/26/10 6:30am

Salt makes paranoid dystopia hot again

Kurt Wimmer is best known as the writer-director of two paranoid dystopian films, Equilibrium and Ultraviolet. But as writer of Angelina Jolie's new film Salt, out today, he brings the same paranoid sensibility to the here and now. Spoilers ahead! » 7/23/10 9:00am 7/23/10 9:00am

How Angelina Jolie fought to keep Salt from becoming "pretty"

Angelina Jolie's spy-fi movie, Salt, was originally supposed to star a man. But after she came aboard, Jolie fought to keep her character from turning into a stereotypical femme fatale. We talked to her about busting heads, MacGyvering and more. » 7/19/10 9:30am 7/19/10 9:30am

Angelina Jolie MacGyvers her way past the FBI, using her panties

Check out Angelina Jolie using her underwear as the ultimate spy gadget. New clips from the espionage flick Salt are starting to look a lot more Macgyver and a lot less James Bond. Which may be for the best. UPDATED. » 7/08/10 7:00am 7/08/10 7:00am

6 Stars Who Could Be The Next Female Action Hero

Who will be the big screen's next Sigourney Weaver? We've had a few years now without any great action movies starring women, but 2010 could be the year this changes. Here are six picks for the action heroines of tomorrow. » 4/20/10 5:21pm 4/20/10 5:21pm