Read an exclusive preview of the next issue of 30 Days of Night!

Courtesy of IDW Publishing, here's an exclusive sneak peek at the next issue of the 30 Days of Night ongoing series by writer Steve Niles and extremely idiosyncratic illustrator Sam Kieth (whose work we recently discussed on this very site). 30 Days of Night #4 hits stores this Wednesday, January 25 — here's a plot… » 1/23/12 12:50pm 1/23/12 12:50pm

Why I love Sam Kieth, the most grounded madman in comic books

Since the 1980s, comic artist and Maxx creator Sam Kieth has been one of medium's finest spinners of tripped-out phantasmagoria. Here, Anna Breslaw looks back, forward, and directly at Kieth and discusses why his works have resonated with her over the years. » 1/13/12 2:45pm 1/13/12 2:45pm

An exclusive sneak peek of the new 30 Days of Night comic, featuring…

With New York Comic Con in full swing, we're psyched to bring you a seven-page preview of some brand new vampire insanity! » 10/14/11 9:45am 10/14/11 9:45am