Sam Raimi: The Problems With Spider-Man 3 Were "My Mistake"

In his appearance on the Nerdist podcast, Sam Raimi had a lengthy discussion on everything that went wrong with Spider-Man 3. He both identifies mistakes he made and has a pretty good sense of humor about it. » 12/30/14 10:00pm 12/30/14 10:00pm

The Evil Dead Show Will Have Two New Leads Along With Ash

Last month news dropped that Evil Dead was coming back to Starz along with former lead Bruce Campbell and creator Sam Raimi. We were excited, and now we know a little bit more about the series. » 12/23/14 4:40pm 12/23/14 4:40pm

The Team Behind Evil Dead Are Reuniting for A Man in the Dark

Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert are joining with Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues on the upcoming thriller A Man in the Dark. » 10/31/14 12:00am 10/31/14 12:00am

Holy @#$%, If The Evil Dead TV Show Happens It'll Star Bruce Campbell!

Uh, remember how when Sam Raimi announced at Comic-Con that he and his brother Ted were working on an Evil Dead TV series and that Bruce Campbell was somehow involved? And I figured he could be doing anything from starring to producing? Turns out it's the former. Groovy. » 7/28/14 7:30am 7/28/14 7:30am

Sam Raimi Announces He's Working On An Evil Dead TV Series

Tucked away in the Last of Us movie panel, like a demon under the floorboard of a cabin in the woods, director Sam Raimi revealed he and his brother Ted are attempting to turn his iconic horror movie franchise Evil Dead into a TV series... with Bruce Campbell involved. » 7/25/14 1:20pm 7/25/14 1:20pm

Game Of Thrones' Maisie Williams May Star In The Last Of Us Movie

Neil Druckmann, writer and director of the post-apocalyptic video game The Last of Us, and Sam Raimi, who is producing the film adaptation, came to Comic-Con to talk about the movie. And while it's not written in stone yet, they said Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams may be playing Ellie. » 7/25/14 12:20pm 7/25/14 12:20pm

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Is A Decent Movie Smothered By Layers Of Crap

Amazing Spider-Man 2 feels like four or five movies jammed together. The good news is, two of those movies are really, really good. The bad news is, the bloat and extra subplots get in the way of the storytelling, and feel like harbingers of overstuffed superhero movies to come. Minor spoilers ahead... » 5/02/14 9:00am 5/02/14 9:00am

​Relive the trauma of the Game of Thrones' Red Wedding all over again!

Kudos to HBO for this marketing campaign for the Game of Thrones season three set, which leads this week's home video releases. There's barely any show footage, just videos of people reacting to the infamous "Red Wedding" sequence in shock which will sell more copies than a regular trailer ever could. » 2/17/14 2:40pm 2/17/14 2:40pm

The Day of the Triffids remake actually sounds kind of great

The 1962 "so bad it's great" The Day of the Triffids movie is getting a remake that kind of sounds rather awesome. Mainly due to the people the studio just hired to remake the gigantic, deadly plant movie. » 1/24/14 7:30am 1/24/14 7:30am

The sequel to the Evil Dead remake may be (evil) dead. Director Fede Alvarez and his co-writer Rodo Sayagues have confirmed they won't be back for the sequel — which seems extra weird, given that a chummy Alvarez was very recently confirming that Sam Raimi would direct Army of Darkness 2. Hmm. » 10/31/13 8:10am 10/31/13 8:10am

Get your hopes up, because Sam Raimi may direct Army of Darkness 2

Last week, Bruce Campbell announced that Army of Darkness 2 was in the works, but the internet — having heard so many rumors about a sequel for so many years — dared not to let themselves get too excited. But now the Evil Dead's remake director Fede Alvarez has announced that Sam Raimi will be helming the long-awaited… » 10/28/13 11:40am 10/28/13 11:40am

The Black Cat You Never Saw in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2

This Black Cat concept art from Spider-Man 2 makes us sad that Felicia Hardy was cut from the film. Plus see how the Green Goblin could have looked way creepier! » 10/10/13 11:19am 10/10/13 11:19am

Holy crap, Oz the Great and Powerful was a remake of Army of Darkness

Don't believe me? Watch this video and you'll be completely convinced that Sam Raimi remade his 1992 classic too (spoilers for Oz, by the way — and Army of Darkness too, I guess, if you were still waiting to see it or something). I tell you, Oz would have been a lot better if James Franco had a chainsaw hand. » 7/21/13 12:15pm 7/21/13 12:15pm

So they updated Evil Dead by making it torture porn with a little…

If you're a fan of the Evil Dead movies, which vibrate with Sam Raimi's visual psychosis and Bruce Campbell's bug-eyed mania, you may find yourself disappointed by the Evil Dead reboot that the two just produced. The original movie trilogy was a slapsticky sendup of 1970s horror movies. Unfortunately the reboot is… » 4/05/13 1:41pm 4/05/13 1:41pm

How do you make an Evil Dead movie after Cabin in the Woods?

In the new Evil Dead movie, five teenagers go to a cabin in the woods, and wind up raising something... sinister. Does that sound familiar? It's basically the premise of Cabin in the Woods, the horror spoof that Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon put out last year. Was Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez nervous about the… » 4/01/13 3:23pm 4/01/13 3:23pm

Watch the best part of Oz The Great and Powerful right here

Even though Sam Raimi's Oz the Great and Powerful was bungled from its first shrieking baboon, it did have style. Oz was undeniably gorgeous, and design trickery and innovation shone brightly during the title sequence, which Disney has released to the masses for your ogling pleasure. Watch it here, so you don't have… » 3/21/13 10:30am 3/21/13 10:30am

Modernized Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness are getting made whether…

The first reviews for the Evil Dead remake dropped this weekend, praising Fede Alvarez‘s movie for getting right to the gore, stripping out the silly and offering heaps of fan service (which wasn't necessarily a good thing for some reviewers). But apparently this was exactly what the studio wanted to hear. » 3/11/13 7:40am 3/11/13 7:40am

First Evil Dead reviews paint remake as a psychotic gorefest that will…

Last night, Fede Alvarez's remake of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead premiered at South by Southwest, and now that the critics have recovered from the haze of fake blood, they are furiously typing up their reviews. The verdict so far? Alvarez may not hit the glorious highs of Raimi's comedy-horror franchise, but he pays loving… » 3/09/13 2:15pm 3/09/13 2:15pm

Oz the Great and Powerful Should Have Been a B-Movie

In between making the disastrous Spider-man 3 and Oz the Great and Powerful, director Sam Raimi made what The Middleman once called "a zombie palate cleanser": the masterfully nuts B-movie Drag Me to Hell. As you watch the plodding action in Oz unfold, you'll find yourself wishing it had a bit more of the… » 3/08/13 10:14am 3/08/13 10:14am

This old lady is not afraid of the Evil Dead remake

The first TV spot for Fede Alvarez's Evil Dead remake has arrived, and rather than get immediately in trouble with the FCC by trying to show the film's incredible gore, they've gone the other route and are showcasing audience reactions, which mostly consist of gasps, double takes and general looks of fear. I say… » 3/05/13 6:40am 3/05/13 6:40am