Troubling: Poltergeist Remake Is In 3D And "More Of A Kids' Movie"

Good news: the Poltergeist remake probably won't be rated R, it's definitely going do be in 3D and it's being retold from the perspective of the kid. So actually, no, that's bad news. Bad news all around. » 1/15/15 4:30pm 1/15/15 4:30pm

Duncan Jones teases a Moon toy line, including a Sam Bell Action Figure…

It's a damn shame that there aren't enough official t-shirts and posters from Duncan Jones' amazing space drama Moon. And the director is hoping to rectify that, by polling the public on whether they'd buy more Moon merchandise. » 9/14/11 11:16am 9/14/11 11:16am

Sam Rockwell: "I copied everything I did in Galaxy Quest from Bill…

While visiting the set of Cowboys & Aliens we couldn't help but reminisce about past alien battles with Sam Rockwell. Imagine our surprise when he revealed where his Galaxy Quest character's inspiration spurred from — honestly, it makes perfect sense. » 11/30/10 11:02am 11/30/10 11:02am

Cowboys & Aliens Trailer: Wrist Cannons and Rough Justice

Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig put some old timey bullets into the alien hide of a mysterious space invader in the first-ever trailer for Cowboys & Aliens. It's a first look at Jon Favreau's alien/western mashup movie. » 11/17/10 10:31am 11/17/10 10:31am

New Cowboys and Aliens trailer shows Daniel Craig at his most brutal

We got an early look at Wednesday's Cowboys & Aliens trailer. Daniel Craig's alien-fighting cowboy puts James Bond to shame; Harrison Ford has never been nastier; and this really is both a serious western and serious alien invasion movie. » 11/15/10 10:20am 11/15/10 10:20am

Sam Rockwell Rounds Out The Geekiest Cast And Crew Ever On Cowboys And…

Sam Rockwell has joined Jon Favreau's Cowboys And Aliens comic book adaptation — making this movie possibly the geekiest undertaking happening right now, thanks to a cast that also includes Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde. » 5/04/10 10:00am 5/04/10 10:00am

Behind The Scenes With Sam Rockwell's "Transvestite Captain Kangaroo"

We're all familiar with Sam Rockwell's brutal hero from Jared Hess' Gentlemen Broncos. But what about his metafictional other half, the femmed-up Brutus? Check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes clip with the superhero that Rockwell nicknamed the "Transvestite Captain Kangaroo." » 3/01/10 1:03pm 3/01/10 1:03pm

The Biggest Oscar Snubs Ranked In Order Of Disappointment

While we're ecstatic that Avatar's loathsome original song didn't warble it's way into an Oscar nomination, those blue aliens and a few others did squeeze out a few of our favorites. Here's a list of the biggest genre snubs. » 2/02/10 5:00pm 2/02/10 5:00pm

Is Sony Scuttling Moon's Chance At An Oscar?

According to director Duncan Jones, Moon isn't being given out as a screener to members of the Academy. If this is true, and it seems so, this greatly hurts Moon's chances on Oscar night. » 12/31/09 10:41am 12/31/09 10:41am

Smarmy Writers and Battle Stags Defeat Gentlemen Broncos' Bad Hype

With Gentlemen Broncos taking a beating from the critics, why should you see it? Because it's actually a warm and funny piece of metafiction that celebrates creativity and embracing your weird side. Plus, who could resist Sam Rockwell's battle stag? » 10/29/09 10:54am 10/29/09 10:54am

Ninja Turtles + Krull = Gentlemen Broncos

There's a mini Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reunion happening inside Jared Hess' science-fiction-loving film Gentlemen Broncos. Can you figure out the link? Plus the director reveals his Krull roots. » 10/27/09 1:07pm 10/27/09 1:07pm

A Gentleman Bronco Goes Galaxy Quest

Sam Rockwell, the space hero in Jared Hess' new film Gentlemen Broncos, waxes philosophical about working with Tim Allen on the set of Galaxy Quest in this weird behind-the-scenes clip. » 9/30/09 1:50pm 9/30/09 1:50pm

Animated Moon: Sam And Gerty's Lunar Funtime Club House

Ever wonder what Moon, Duncan Jones' indie film on isolation, space-madness and conspiracy theories would be like as a childrens' cartoon? Well, wait no more: here are some fake sketches of Sam and Gerty's super happy space fun time show. » 8/27/09 2:27pm 8/27/09 2:27pm

Sam Rockwell's Two-Sided Fantasy Hero Blows The Gentlemen Broncos…

We never really understood what Sam Rockwell really meant when he described his character from Gentleman Broncos as Captain Kangaroo in drag. Now that the new trailer is released, we see his double-sided hero is even crazier than he described. » 8/13/09 2:03pm 8/13/09 2:03pm

Sam Rockwell's Lonely Moon Worker Will Cameo In Duncan Jones' Next…

Sam Rockwell, who played Sam Bell, the isolated lunar worker in Duncan Jones' film Moon, will reprise the role in Jones' next project. In a recent interview Rockwell confirmed that his character would make a cameo, or "something like that." [Cinematical] » 8/04/09 3:00pm 8/04/09 3:00pm

How Sam Rockwell One-Ups Robert Downey Jr. In Iron Man 2

Think it's impossible to get the one over on the sly, one-liner-spouting Tony Stark? New Iron Man 2 bad boy Sam Rockwell revealed how his character, Justin Hammer, sticks it to Tony: by being a better ladies man. Spoilers ahead. » 7/27/09 8:00am 7/27/09 8:00am

First Clip From Gentlemen Broncos Demonstrates The Magic Anous Writing…

Check out Ronald Chevalier's world, where Sam Rockwell plays a superhero character who's a "transvestite Captain Kangaroo." Plus we're digging up the real folklore vampires and new stills from Cargo which is already being buzzed as the new Moon. » 7/19/09 4:30pm 7/19/09 4:30pm

"Moon" Is the Best Scifi Movie of Summer

Alone with his robot on a remote lunar station, Sam is about to head home after a three year contract. That's when things get weird in Moon, which is lucky for you if you like smart, original science fiction stories. » 6/24/09 4:53pm 6/24/09 4:53pm

Duncan Jones' Moon Will Rise In Additional Cities

San Diego, Chicago, Boston... everyone's going to get a ride on the friendly Moonbase robot Gerty (voiced by Kevin Spacey). The indie's trek across the U.S. has begun, with a new list of cities where it's opening soon. [Moon] » 6/11/09 9:30am 6/11/09 9:30am