When Steampunk meets Surrealism

Put on your goggles (or gas mask), sit back and relax. And take a look at the world through the eyes of French artist Sam Van Olffen. His work is an intoxicating blend of surrealism, science fiction and steampunk. » 10/04/10 4:32pm 10/04/10 4:32pm

Alien Windmills and Cyborg Prostitutes Invade Amsterdam

Collage artist Sam Van Olffen takes the Holland's most iconic features — its windmills, its tulips, its bicycles, and Amsterdam's Red Light District — and meshes them with dieselpunk elements to create strange, overstuffed scenes of the Netherlands' unlikely future. » 10/12/09 8:20am 10/12/09 8:20am

WWII Leaders Get a Dieselpunk Makeover

What if the nations that fought in WWII were led not by mere men, but by diesel-powered cyborgs? It might resemble Sam van Olffen's faux propaganda posters, featuring the likes of Rooseveltron, Stalinator, and Benitobot Mussolinoid. » 7/21/09 8:40am 7/21/09 8:40am