Wrath of the Titans will make your sword go limp

I can't decide whether Wrath of the Titans was a peculiarly bad movie, or a bizarrely great live action role playing (LARP) game. Actually it must have been a movie, because LARPers would have brought far more enthusiasm to the whole endeavor than Sam Worthington. They also would have made the fights zing with more… » 3/30/12 5:13pm 3/30/12 5:13pm

Move over Kraken — Wrath of the Titans' new trailer has so many CG…

The sequel to the movie no one asked for Wrath of the Titans is out with another trailer. Thankfully it's hitting all the important notes every good Hollywood sequel needs. Heroic new hairdo for the lead, check. Double the big bads, check. Dialog written only in the form of catch phrases for energy drinks, check.… » 2/23/12 12:28pm 2/23/12 12:28pm

James Cameron and Sam Worthington team up for a new big budget, scifi…

James Cameron and Sam Worthington are back in the saddle together, making more huge budget productions. Their latest venture? A film called Myth. » 6/15/11 6:30am 6/15/11 6:30am

Will Robert Downey Jr. really be the star of The Avengers? Plus new…

Could Terminator 5 still forge ahead, even without Arnold Schwarzenegger? Sam Worthington declares war on outer space, while Big Man Japan comes to America. Plus a Dark Knight Rises set photo, more on a Green Lantern cameo, and more! » 6/07/11 6:00am 6/07/11 6:00am

Sam Worthington is Astro-Quatermain

The Avatar star will buckle on his swashbuckle to play H. Rider Haggard's classic hero, Allan Quatermain, in a scifi adventure from DreamWorks. Will the universe tremble in awe? » 5/14/10 8:30am 5/14/10 8:30am

With Daniel Craig's Bond On The Skids, Is Sam Worthington The Next…

Since the producers of the next Daniel Craig James Bond film put the brakes on their production due to the financial woes of MGM, people are already beginning to speculate on a full-fledged reboot. And they're betting on Sam Worthington. » 4/22/10 8:00am 4/22/10 8:00am

Is Sam Worthington a Movie Star? Does He Deserve to Be?

Worthington has been in hit, after hit, after hit — one of them is even the highest grossing film of all time. But is he a star? » 4/05/10 10:41am 4/05/10 10:41am

"Clash Of The Titans" Taught Me That Hell Is Totally Awesome

Are you looking for an awesome, balls-out adventure movie that has no pretensions and just serves up the monstery goodness? Then you need Clash of the Titans - it's a refresher course in what makes B-movies better than blockbusters. » 4/02/10 12:58pm 4/02/10 12:58pm

Sam Worthington Takes On The "British Buck Rogers," Dan Dare

Whatever damage Terminator Salvation did to star Sam Worthington's career, Avatar must have undone, because the Aussie is starring in yet another science fiction epic. Worthington is bringing square-jawed space pilot Dan Dare to life on the big screen. » 3/12/10 6:30am 3/12/10 6:30am

A Glimpse Of Avatar's Deleted Bar Brawl, Plus Details On The Sequel

We previously reported on the never-before-seen scenes that were cut from Avatar — now see the first image from the bar brawl on Cameron's dystopian Earth. Also, check out this collection of Lego Na'Vi, and news on Avatar 2's pre-production. » 1/27/10 8:00am 1/27/10 8:00am

Please Don't Let Sam Worthington Play A Bad-Ass, Australian-Accented…

God we can see it now: Van Helsing meets Wild Wild West, but with longer hair, vampires and Sam Worthington. Rumor has it the Avatar star is Universal's pick to play Dracula in their period-piece Dracula: Year Zero. » 1/26/10 12:57pm 1/26/10 12:57pm

Sam Worthington Sorts Out Those Flash Gordon Rumors

Excited about the prospect of seeing Avatar's Sam Worthington take on Ming The Merciless in a new cinematic take on Flash Gordon, as recently rumored? Don't be: Worthington himself seems to know nothing about it. » 1/03/10 7:00am 1/03/10 7:00am

Ryan Reynolds And Sam Worthington Are Fighting, Over Flash Gordon?

The internet swears both Sam Worthington and Ryan Reynolds are fighting to play Flash Gordon. But is it true? Probably not. » 12/24/09 2:00pm 12/24/09 2:00pm

Avatar Won't Make You Go Native

In Avatar, an ex-marine leaves his body and enters an alien world. And James Cameron hopes the same thing will happen to you, thanks to totally-immersive CG and 3-D. By that measure, Avatar fails. But it delivers a fantastic ride. » 12/16/09 9:00am 12/16/09 9:00am

Sam Worthington Can't Stay Away From Criminal Futures

Not content with starring in both Terminator Salvation and Avatar, Sam Worthington's mission to become the go-to guy for big budget SF movies continues with the just-announced Last Days Of American Crime. » 11/23/09 7:00am 11/23/09 7:00am

Stare Down James Cameron's Thanator, In First Avatar Clip

Watch the wild beasts of Pandora fight over the blue hide of Sam Worthington's avatar, while Sigourney Weaver screams in the background. Let's hope neither of them gets eaten alive, like some of their comrades. Plus a spoilery new featurette. » 11/17/09 8:00am 11/17/09 8:00am

Terminator Salvation Deleted Scene: Is This What The Fuss Was All…

You might remember last spring, McG talked up Moon Bloodgood's topless scene in Terminator Salvation, which the studio suits wanted him to remove from the film. And now that scene is out... and it's pretty boring. Oh, possibly NSFW. » 10/30/09 4:30pm 10/30/09 4:30pm

Sam Worthington Admits Terminator 4 Didn't Make Any Sense

The half-man, half-robot from McG's Terminator 4, Sam Worthington, owns up to the gigantic Harvester-sized plot holes in his last picture and admits, "I gotta be a bit better when I'm looking through my scripts." » 8/25/09 8:00am 8/25/09 8:00am

Sam Worthington Explains The Trouble With Killer Robots

Shooting with a giant metal monster that wants to rip you in half can't be all that easy. Terminator Salvation star Sam Worthington talks working with the metal giants and avoiding on-set explosions. Spoilers attack! » 5/18/09 1:06pm 5/18/09 1:06pm

Sam Worthington Teases James Cameron's Avatar

All we've heard from the official faces of James Cameron's epic space tale is "motion capture" this and "revolutionary" that, but what's the message behind it all? Avatar star Sam Worthington shared his thoughts. » 5/08/09 3:58pm 5/08/09 3:58pm