First Kite trailer and clips are full of sexy exploding heads

Seems like you're going to be watching a lot of movies about lethal young girls, featuring Samuel L. Jackson in supporting roles. Yesterday we glimpsed Barely Lethal, about a teen assassin trained by Jackson. Today, here's a huge look at the anime adaptation Kite, about an abused girl who becomes a super-killer. With… » 1/05/14 2:30pm 1/05/14 2:30pm

Don't You Get It? The Spirit Is Supposed To Be Funny!

Yesterday, it was Gabriel Macht » 9/24/08 3:00pm 9/24/08 3:00pm, today, it's Samuel Jackson trying to convince us that Frank Miller's movie is really some kind of wacky comedy instead of . Talking to MTV, Jackson said that the movie is "sort of Wile E. Coyote with real people. We hit each other with big things [and] we’re both kind of…