Unemployed ninja advertises his wares on San Antonio news station

Mere days after a ninja vandalism streak in Pittsburgh, a San Antonio ninja has turned to local television to market his shinobi prowess. He is also "a dancer, a math wizard and prank caller." A ninja mathemagician? I'm sold. » 4/30/11 8:00am 4/30/11 8:00am

Reporter Joins Freelance Bigfoot Investigators For A Night In The Woods

In December 2009, a homeless couple in San Antonio called 911 after witnessing a mysterious creature carry away a deer. News 4's Delaine Mathieu recently joined Dallas-based Bigfoot investigators TBIG for an evening of man-ape hunting. What did they find? » 5/05/10 6:20am 5/05/10 6:20am

We May All Die From Swine Flu

Forget avian flu; a "swine flu" that's already killed eighteen people in Mexico seems to have come to the US, and the World Health Organization are discussing whether or not to declare it a pandemic. » 4/25/09 1:00pm 4/25/09 1:00pm