I dare you to watch this Batkid film and not cheer, cry or applaud

We've told you plenty about Miles, a.k.a. Batkid, the amazing 5-year-old who, despite battling cancer since he was only two, saved San Francisco last November. Now you can watch his superheroic exploits in this 10-minute video, which will not only yank violently on your heartstring, but probably renew your faith in… » 1/16/14 6:00pm 1/16/14 6:00pm

These sexy topographic maps show San Francisco stripped bare

San Francisco is renowned for its winding roads, stunning Victorian architecture, and, of course, its sprawling bridges. But the City by the Bay is also known for its hilly terrain — a geological feature that's often obscured by its landmarks. These new maps show the city's sensual contours in all their glory. » 10/10/13 8:40am 10/10/13 8:40am

Spooky photographs of San Francisco's real-life Pet Cemetery

Photographer Troy Paiva photographed San Francisco's Presidio Pet Cemetery during construction on the Presidio Parkway, which meant the tiny graveyard was covered by a dark temporary roof. Paiva used the unnatural surroundings, lighting tricks, and the San Francisco fog to cast an extra-gloomy pall on this final… » 3/24/13 9:30am 3/24/13 9:30am