Sanctuary’s Murder Suspect is an Autistic Superhero

Last night’s Sanctuary »11/22/08 6:00pm11/22/08 6:00pm moved us from monster crises to supernatural murder mystery, one filled with dark secrets, family bondage, and a young man with Asperger’s Syndrome and a pair of impressive abilities. Plus, Henry becomes McGruff the Crime Dog and Will reveals a superpower of his own.So, we open on a scene that…

Blood-Sucking Nikola Tesla Reveals All of Amanda Tapping’s Secrets

Last night, Sanctuary treated us to a bizarre blend of two speculative fiction favorites: vampires and Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla. We find out what bloodsuckers can do with an encyclopedic understanding of electricity, but the episode’s biggest reveals are about the major characters. We learn how Helen Magnus… »11/15/08 5:00pm11/15/08 5:00pm

Sanctuary Triumphs By Reinventing Itself As Geek Noir

Sanctuary »10/18/08 12:00pm10/18/08 12:00pm totally redeemed itself last night with the best episode of its short run on the SciFi Channel. Dispensing with character development and CGI overload for the time being, the show focused on plot, spinning a noir-ish tale of men who can make themselves small enough to fit through any opening. You can fill in…