Hugh Howey Talks About the Process of Writing His New Novel, Sand

We have an exclusive video interview of Hugh Howey (Wool) and his UK editor, Jack Fogg, discussing Howey's new novel Sand. It's a fascinating look at the creative process of one of the most popular science fiction authors today. » 6/03/14 1:51pm 6/03/14 1:51pm

These Gorgeous Beachside Optical Illusions Will Fool You

These stunning 3D sand designs from New Zealand are simple stunning. Scraping optical illusions into the lovely beaches of Mount Maunganui (and others), the creators from 3DSD certainly know how to trick the eyes. » 5/08/14 12:43pm 5/08/14 12:43pm

A tangled love story between two fish, beautifully animated in sand

Corrie Francis Parks' short animation A Tangled Tale uses a combination of physical sand animation and digital animation to tell the tail of two fish who fall in love after being caught on fishing lines. » 11/10/13 4:00pm 11/10/13 4:00pm

The most incredible thing you'll watch today is this video of sand…

Stop what you're doing and watch this. It's a video of sand. Sand skittering around on a vibrating plate, to be exact. But what happens when that sand skitters is amazing. Trust us – this is something you want to see. » 6/06/13 2:59pm 6/06/13 2:59pm

Robots can now walk on beaches, because why the hell not?

In a robot uprising, humanity still should have one slim hope: if we flee to the beaches, our robot overlords might fall over on the soft, shifting sand dunes. Now roboticists have solved that one robotic flaw. Gee, thanks, guys. » 1/01/12 2:50pm 1/01/12 2:50pm

The science behind the lonely singing of the sand

Out in the desert, the sand sometimes hums or 'sings' as people walk along the top of dunes. Find out what causes this beautiful yet creepy sound, and listen to audio of the sand song. » 3/17/11 7:00am 3/17/11 7:00am