Megalodon Molar Discovered in Santa Cruz Mountains

The Santa Cruz Mountains seem like an unlikely spot to stumble upon a 10 million year old tooth from a 60-foot shark that lived during the Cenozoic Era ... but that's exactly what happened to scientist Giancarlo Thomae this week. » 12/26/14 2:40pm 12/26/14 2:40pm

Power Pellet Popping Steampunk Contrapulation

If you're driving past the Santa Cruz area anytime soon in an effort relive the glory days that The Lost Boys brought to that town, you could do no better than to stop by Cardboard Spaceship and check out the steampunk-themed Spit & Polish show. What will you see if you do? » 11/13/07 12:40pm 11/13/07 12:40pm